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Being a Foreign Legal Consultant allows me to practice the Law of Mexico in a limited matter in California but does not allow me to practice American law in U.S. courts. For more information about what I am permitted to do, please visit the following link:

The fact of reading the information or content of this web page or the links given here, nor contacting us or asking for a consultation meeting, does not imply nor constitutes legal advice in any jurisdiction and does not create an attorney-client relationship. Only the signing of a written contract, after knowledge and discussion of your situation, can create such a relationship and solely in the matter expressed in the contract. 

Persons or entities, whose opinions and links presented on this page, are not associated with my law office, nor do I represent them, nor am I responsible or liable for their content or comments. Any use of the information should be allowed by the owner of those links and you should contact them directly.

Privacy Policy

The management of personal information is protected by law and the attorney-client privilege, and cannot be disclosed unless a judicial order is placed. 

In order to provide you with the most effective and beneficial service, I must collect a certain amount of personal information about you. Keeping that information secure and private is important to me.


This information also may include facts and data that I will receive from you, from other persons, from organizations or government agencies, in varying manners, including but not limited to forms, private and public documents, telephone calls, text messages, emails, correspondence, and other processing forms, as well as facts and data about your transactions with me. I will use that information to the legal extent needed to meet my services high quality standards to your benefit.


I may need to share certain nonpublic personal information about you outside my firm only to satisfy your request with individuals or agencies who will need it to provide their services.


I will verify that any person requesting information about you or your relationship with me is entitled to such information prior to providing it. I will require individuals, companies, agencies, or any kind of organization that provides me assistance to maintain complete confidentiality of the shared information and not use it for any other purpose.


To be sure all the information I collect is accurate and complete, please notify me immediately if you believe any information is inaccurate.


​I maintain appropriate cybernetic and physical safeguards to protect information about you in my law offices.

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