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Innovative legal solutions.

1. Consulting

Before making any legal decision, it is important to recognize and understand all of your options. My legal assistance will help you fully comprehend your status and situation, so that you may be able to make informed decisions.

2. Legal opinions

The world of specialties is everytime more frequent and complex. I want to help in sharing my knowledge and expertise to support individuals, other attorneys or courts as en expert witness to analyze and have a truthful idea of what is possible if another kind of law or situation interferes with their cases.

3. Administrative Law and its Procedures

Although this area of law allows almost any person to directly conduct their administrative proceedings, it is very important to know your rights, duties and the procedures, before taking any legal step, and depending on the necessities of each client, and given the nature of my services, I can provide counsel and even represent you through a mandate/power of attorney.

4. Settlements and Litigation

In Mexico, I have represented myself, people, companies, government, in trials and have gotten victories for my clients. I have always tried to save time, money, and stress for my clients  through fair agreements, but if needed, we have gone to trial.

5. Academic teaching experience

I have taught law at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro and at the Universidad Contemporánea in Querétaro, as well as teaching at the post graduate programs of the Superior Tribunals of Justice in Querétaro. I have also supported the teaching of English in Querétaro and in California.


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